Reverse Osmosis for Dialysis Water

osmose-kIn dialysis, a patients blood is passed through a dialysis machine.

The dialysis machine takes over the job of the kidneys, removing waste products and balancing the levels of water and salts in the blood. For the production of water that is distributed to the dialysis machine, Centec offers a highly efficient system including full pre-treatment (particle filtration, dechlorination, softening) and proven REVOTEC reverse osmosis (RO) technology.

By sand or multimedia filtration, particles are removed from the raw water. Added to the water as disinfectant, chlorine can lead to a degradation of RO membranes and be harmful to people on dialysis if exposed to large quantities. Thus, activated carbon (AC) filtration is typically used for dechlorination.

Water needs to be softened when high levels of calcium and magnesium are present. In the RO unit water is forced through a membrane under pressure, leaving remaining contaminants behind and providing dialysis quality water. To avoid biofilm development and microbial contamination, the entire system including the distribution loop can regularly be cleaned by chemicals or hot water.

Highest manufacturing standards and outstanding material quality guarantee safe operation at any time.